Catholic Cathedral College’s roots can be traced back to the mid 19th century. Near Lyon, in France, a woman named Euphrasie Barbier formed a new order called the Sisters of our Lady of the Missions. This was one of a number of new orders formed in France in the mid 19th century. The Foundress continued to form new schools across France and then throughout the Pacific. Her young charges travelled 15,000 kilometres to this side of the world and began the first school on this site in 1868. This early school eventually developed into Sacred Heart College.

At around the same time in history, a young man named Marcellin Champagnat, with a similiar vision formed the Marist Brothers’ order. He also set up schools for boys in France and focussed on the poor and spiritually deprived. The Marist Brothers later came to Oceania and the first Marist school was set up on this site in 1888. Xavier College evolved from this school in 1946.

The similarities between Barbier and Champagnat were numerous. They both had a passionate desire to bring Jesus into the lives of ordinary children, realised that to educate children, genuine love had to be the driving force, set very high educational standards, worked with the least advantaged in society and lived their religious lives as genuine role models for their teachers and pupils.

Both Colleges always had these values as their guiding principles.

Catholic Cathedral College was formed in 1987 and still holds the values and heritage from its past.

Catholic Cathedral College is today a place where students recieve quality faith-based education in a modern learning environment and can get real-life experiences such as leadership and decision making opportunities, feel valued as an individual and be spiritually enriched.