International Students

Cathedral College has a wide range of facilities to cater for International and Exchange students.

The ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) offers an enriching and varied programme aimed at improving the key language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing for both academic study and social communication.

Senior Students may gain credits towards NCEA by taking ESOL Unit Standards, EnglishAchievement Standards or Communications Unit Standards. Year 13 Students may gain credits towards fulfilling the literacy requirement for University Entrance. An IELTS course is also available. The academic curriculum includes a very wide range of options catering for all needs.

Students are expected to work hard to achieve their best. They are also encouraged to develop their musical, performance, drama and sporting abilities. The emphasis is on individual achievement and development of skills and talents as well as respect for each other’s values and cultures.

Facilities include modern buildings in the senior school, and a library with access to email, internet, scanner, digital camera and word processing facilities. Special features are a computer laboratory, a tiered theatre, hall, gym, and large playing field.

Technology is an integral aspect of school life with ready access to modern equipment and with electronics in the main school curriculum. All students have access to email and the internet.

Overseas students also intermingle with other students in classrooms, in the playground and in social activities. High speed internet is available for all students to use, and often international students take advantage of this to keep in contact with family back in their home country.