The Board is made up of the Principal, Proprietor members, Parent members, a Staff member and a Student member. Parent and Staff members are elected every three years, the student member is elected annually, and the Proprietor representatives are appointed by our College Proprietor.

The Board is a Crown entity and is responsible for the governance of our College. The role of our Board is to ensure the College has a clear sense of purpose by establishing its strategic objectives, documenting these objectives in a College charter, and monitoring progress in achieving these objectives.

The Board closely monitors students’ achievement to assure themselves that students are receiving a high quality standard of education, and that resources are being used prudently to ensure the highest possible quality programmes are provided for our students.

Board Members

Lee-Ann Nanai - Principal

Sarah Munro - Chair

​​​​​​​Proprietor's Representatives

Rory Paterson

​​​​​​​Rick Stone

Parent's Representatives

Luanne Salgado

Russ Caldwell

Jill Reesby

Michele Pasco (selected)

Staff Representative

Seonaia Zelter

Student Representative

Bethlehem Kahsai

Board Secretary

Rachael Sheddan


Board Meeting Schedule

The Board meets on the last Tuesday of each month at 6pm at the school.

Meetings for 2022 will be

January 25

February 22

March 29 

April 26 

May 31 

June 28

July 26

August 30

September 27

October 25

November 29