The evidence is very clear that attendance is a key driver of learners' achievement, their wellbeing, and their lifelong outcomes. Furthermore, it indicates that attendance is directly related to how well learners achieve. The more learners attend, the higher their achievement. Regular school attendance makes a big difference. Every day counts, and we know that missing too many days leads to lower achievement, poorer wellbeing, and other worrying outcomes.

It’s also important to note that lateness is also a type of absence. Just as full day absence can impact negatively on achievement and engagement, so too can lateness. While 10- 5 minutes may not seem long, it’s important to consider what our young people may experience as they enter the classroom and the lesson is underway. 

At Catholic Cathedral College we prioritise supporting our young people to reach their full potential and therefore a high level of school attendance is essential. We are committed to providing an education of the highest quality for all our young people and provide an environment where they all feel valued and welcome. The routines our young people develop around attendance and punctuality at school are the same as the expectations of any future employer in the world of work. High attainment, confidence, and future aspirations depend on good attendance. Parents/whānau, students and teachers share the responsibility for supporting and promoting excellent school attendance and punctuality for all. It is our duty to consistently strive for excellent attendance for all our young people.

Please see below the Ministry of Education Attendance Guide.

Ministry of Education Student attendance: A guide for parents and caregivers