Euphrasie Barbier (1829 – 1893) is the founder of the Barbier House at Catholic Cathedral College. She founded the religious order of the Sisters of the Missions (1861) from around the same time and location as Champagnat was creating the Marist Brothers order in post Revolutionary France. These two orders were born out of a desire to provide both spiritual, emotional, academic and physical growth to the children of the time who were not afforded that basic principle of an all round education. Education in those days was for the privileged and those that could afford it.

Euphrasie had a calling ‘to take the gospel to far places in the world and to bring education and opportunities for all peoples particularly women and children and the marginalised’ and that carries through to today, where we work tirelessly for those who wish to develop to their fullest potential.

Barbier has a strong sense of belonging in the College community, from a physical sense it is the Mission Sisters who created Sacred Heart Girls College on the Barbados/Ferry Road side of the site – currently a Wilsons Car park, the two story G Block is the only Scared Heart building still standing on the College site and used as classrooms for Years 7 and 8 as well as Art rooms, Learning Support and our Rūma karakia (sacred space) upstairs.

The students who belong to Barbier House have a strong tradition of competing to the best of their abilities and prides itself on continuing to bring life to Euphrasie, her ideologies and visions that she established all those years ago and we strive to add value to them now and into the future.

Barbier House DEAN

Mr Matt Oswin