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Self Management Reports

Self Management Reports are generated every three weeks and posted with the school newsletter. The report is not based on academic performance, but reports on attitude, homework, preparedness for class, punctuality and attendance. A grade between 1-4 is given by each subject teacher, 1 being “cause for concern”, 2 “unsatisfactory, 3 “Good”, and 4 “Excellent”. If a student has not attended class during the fortnightly period, there will be a blank. There are normally three reporting periods during a term.

Academic Reports

Academic Reports for both Juniors and Seniors are generated at the end of Term 2. These will then be discussed during Parent-Teacher Conferencing at the start of Term 3. The report is currently in a booklet form. Inside the booklet is the current assessment results for each subject and the subject teacher’s comment, as well as attendance for that subject. The senior report also includes a summary of all NCEA assessments to date.

Derived Grade Exam Reports

Y11-13 recieve a derived grade reports at the end of Term 3. These show the results that students achieved from the practise exams. These grades can be used to apply for a derived grade should there be an unexpected disruption to their end of year, NCEA exams. If a Not Achieved grade is awarded for these practise exams, students will not be able to gain a derived grade at the end of the year for this exam.


Term 4 Reports

Y7-10 will receive a final report at the end of Term 4 showing the achievement at the end of the year.