As a College, we welcome all students to our inclusive community. We endeavor to provide equitable opportunities for all of our students, recognising, and meeting the learning and wellbeing needs of all.​​

Learning Enhancement

Some students learn differently. These differences can range from gifted and talented to students with dyslexia, English Language Learners, dyspraxia, or a combination of these. Teacher Aides work in the classroom to support these students.

Rachael Webber is our Head of Learning Enhancement and ELL coordinator. 

Special Assessment Condtions

As students approach their senior school years, Special Assessment Conditions can be applied for to NZQA. Information is gathered on students during Y7 through to Y10 and often students would have had support in class. The school uses LUCID EXACT and LUCID LASS to support applications to NZQA. If you have any concerns about your student please contact Rachael Webber.


Many of our students learn English as an additional language.  We have a team of caring teachers and teacher aides who support them as they improve both their conversational and academic English.  Students who are new to the school can expect to have their English ability assessed before they are placed into classes.